As Sköll was recording the "Of the Black Sun Ritual"-EP with his dark ambient/drone-project
Ritual of the Black Sun(R.O.T.B.S) he starts playing around with a few black metal ideas that he
had left since the days of Varghake. Instead of changing the direction of Ritual of the Black Sun
or resurrecting the since long defunct Varghake the idea of a new NSBM-project grows strong.

The first recording is made with Sköll handling all the instruments and vocals. These tracks are
put on a tape that gets the title "First Rehearsal". About 10-15 copies are printed of this cassette.

To distance himself from the earlier black metal-project Varghake Sköll decides to bring in a new
vocalist. Frostfar from Urulv enters and together they record new material. But as the recordings
are done Sköll realizes that Frostfar is not up to the task. He shows the vocalist the door and the
recording is put on the shelf. After the failure with Frostfar as a vocalist Sköll decides to bring in
Háti whom Sköll knows from when Varghake played live as Háti used to handle the bass live for
Varghake. In return of this favour Sköll was the drummer for W.S.H.C whenever they played live.

As Háti joins Sköll asks if Háti knows of any vocalist that might be interested in joining the band.
Háti recommends Ulvr. After a few rehearsals the new line-up is complete and they start working
on new material that will be the first release with Circle of Wolves as a band more than a project. 

In february the trio enters Narstudio and records the material for "...it came from the woods...".
On august 12th it is  released on cassette by Svíþjóð Kvlt. By the end of the summer the band
write the material for their next release and in october "...it came from the castle..." is recorded
and after that the band-members concentrate on working with their various side-projects .

On january  6th "...it came from the castle..." is released on cassette by Svíþjóð Kvlt but other
than that 2010 is a quiet year. No new material is written or recording during the whole year.

In february of 2011 the band re-enters the studio and record the songs for their third chapter in
the "...it came from the..."-series. Unlike the previous recordings they do not use Narstudio for
these sessions. Instead the trio head into Studio Stalagher and record the songs for the coming
release "...it came from the lake...". On may 23rd Svíþjóð Kvlt releases "...it came from the lake..."
on cassette. On june 2nd two songs were released on blue 5" vinyl limited to 50 copies. The songs
are demos recorded prior to the session for "...it came from the lake...".
On september 11th the four songs that Sköll recorded with Frostfar in 2008 are released on
a cassette entitled "Sammelsurium". It is released by Sombre March Records.

In november Sköll  went back to Narstudio to record to new songs for a split with a norwegian
noise-project called Henretting. Sköll handles all the instruments and the vocals on these songs.

On may 5th the Circle of Wolves/Henretting-split is released by Castrum de Illumin on CD
limited to 318 copies. "First Rehearsal" is re-released on cassette by Sombre March Records
on may 23rd. The rest of the year ses no activity whatsoever from Circle of Wolves or Sköll.

Sköll starts planning for the recording of the last chapter in the "...it came from the..."-series.
In june he heads to Narstudio and records the songs that will be on the new recording which
is planned to be released in 2014. The music is recorded in june but Sköll dosen´t record the
vocals until september. Sköll have said that the reason for this was simply that it felt like the
right thing to do at that particualr in point time. All the vocals are recorded in one afternoon.

In december Circle of Wolves participates in Christmess VI alongside Blutgeist, TTDHT and
Hvitskaldr. Circle of Wolves line-up is completed with the help of members of Hringhorni.

On february 3rd "...it came from the fire..." is released on tape by Svíþjóð Kvlt